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About Us

Our team at One Coat Technologies is proud to serve customers in the Jenison, Michigan And surrounding areas. We know that preserving your flooring is crucial to any home or business, and that's why we've created a coating system with your needs in mind. From garage flooring to factory flooring, we design innovative solutions for every client. With our quality ingredients and effective formula, our coatings provide durable and safe flooring solutions for any space. Our certified installation specialists undergo a comprehensive training program to provide our customers with the highest standard of service. We're dedicated to providing a superior product that lasts, and our products are backed by lifetime warranties. When you work with One Coat Technologies, your investment is protected guaranteed.

Products We Offer

Residential Floor Coatings
Garage Floor Coatings
Commercial Floor Coating
Industrial Floor Coating

Expertise You Can Trust

When it comes to conformal coating providers, there are less than a dozen qualified companies to choose from in the United States.  Some have been around for many years and others are new to the industry.  Everyone is working hard to meet customer expectations and to be successful.  So how do you choose the best supplier for your coating project?  We believe there are some important factors to consider.


One Coat Technologies is both an art and a science - experience is critical to the quality, reliability, and consistence of the coating.  One Coat Technologies has demonstrated operational excellence through a keen focus on reducing process turn times, increasing yields and delivering high quality results on a just-in-time basis. Our decades of experience and confidence in scheduling delivers fit-for-use results that repeatably puts us above the competition.

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