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Epoxy Coating Manufacturers Georgetown Twp MI

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Epoxy Resins Suppliers serving Michigan - Professional Epoxy Resin Coating Services in Michigan

Epoxy Coating Manufacturers Georgetown Twp MI

Epoxy Coating Manufacturers Georgetown Twp MI

Our Mission as a Flooring Store

When you are ready to upgrade one or more rooms throughout your home, turn to a team you can trust. From selection to installation, our flooring experts make your satisfaction their main priority. We wholeheartedly believe that shopping for new floors doesn’t have to be challenge.

Look to our flooring store and allow our associates on staff to guide you through the countless products available. These knowledgeable and friendly professionals take the time to understand your unique flooring expectations, making the selection process easy and enjoyable. Whether you are searching to make a statement or are interested in a family-friendly material, we guarantee to deliver flooring options that fulfill the needs of your household.

Our versatile commercial epoxy flooring solutions can be customized to the precise needs of your facility with the aesthetics, resilience, and easy maintenance you are looking for. We have developed flooring solutions for a wide range of commercial applications that are built to withstand even the most demanding conditions.

The most common type of polymer flooring installation is the epoxy floor. Epoxy flooring installation can accomplished by squeegeeing the epoxy, roller epoxy application, epoxy slurry and broadcast as well as Epoxy power Troweled resurfacer where the epoxy is screed applied normally at 1/4 inch and a mixture of epoxy resin and blended aggregates are combined to make an epoxy mortar which is then finished with hand trowels and power trowels in order to resurface and restore the concrete surface. An epoxy floor coating may be applied as thin as a coat of paint or up to 3/8 of an inch and in areas in need of repair may be several inches in thickness if needed. Industrial epoxy flooring installation requires well trained applicators, specialized preparation, and working knowledge of the proper epoxy coatings or epoxy resurfacers for the individual application. One Coat Technologies Epoxy floor coatings may offer varying degrees of chemical resistance, ultraviolet resistance, as well as speed of cure time and installation thicknesses. As a general rule the faster it dries, the higher the chemical resistance, the better the UV stability and the thicker the floor the more it will cost. This is why it is important to understand the epoxy flooring installation to compare on product or installation with another rather than just picking the least expensive product or epoxy flooring installer.

The outcome of working with One Coat Technologies, LLC your concrete flooring will have increased safety, higher sanitation levels, lower maintenance costs and of course, a beautiful floor to walk on every day. Contact us today and ask about the following service options:

  • Non-Slip Flooring

  • Decorative Quartz Flooring

  • Concrete Patching

  • Concrete Repair

  • Industrial Epoxy Flooring

  • Residential Epoxy Flooring (Garage/ Basement Floors)

  • Wineries

  • Hangers

  • Clean Rooms garage floor epoxy floor refinishing

Epoxy Coating Manufacturers Georgetown Twp MI

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