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How Do I Choose The Best Epoxy Floor Coating?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

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Best Epoxy Floor Coating
Best Epoxy Floor Coating

Decide on a Color

Similar to carpet in a home or office, choosing an epoxy flooring color will have an impact on the overall appearance of your space. From neutral tones to colors that “pop”, and single colors to custom mixes with colored flecks throughout, the right choice is often a matter of personal preference.

Best Garage Epoxy Floor Kits

Rust-Oleum 251965 EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor Coating. With plenty of prep, reviewers have noted that this Rust-Oleum's epoxy coatings (and paint) are long-lasting and durable, staying in good condition for over a decade, and giving it the title of the best epoxy kit.

Selecting the Right Epoxy Resin for Your Application

  1. Heat-resistance.

  2. Chemical stability.

  3. Electrical insulation.

  4. Low moisture absorption.

  5. Durable adhesive bond.

  6. Anti-corrosive.

  7. Excellent fatigue strength and flexural strength.

  8. Low shrinkage after curing.

How many years will epoxy floor last?

The longevity of an epoxy floor system will vary based on thickness, use and maintenance. Typically, epoxy floors last between 10 and 20 years; much longer than a painted concrete floor, which will chip and wear quickly in high-traffic areas.

What causes epoxy floor to peel?

Oil and other materials can get trapped under the epoxy. The coating can't correctly adhere to concrete floors if something obstructs their application. Grease and oil on your floor will also cause the resin to set improperly, which leads to peeling.

Is solid or water based epoxy better?

Water-based epoxy is more designed as a sealer since it spreads out much thinner than a solid one. It doesn't have the same amount of durability and resistance as a solid one but is easier to set up and will save you money.

Best Epoxy Floor Coating
Best Epoxy Floor Coating

Can I pressure wash epoxy floor?

If the garage epoxy floor becomes extremely dirty you can mix up some dish washing liquid or some Simple Green and wash the floor down with that and a garden hose. Pressure washing is now no longer necessary but OK to do if you want to.

Can you use Windex to clean epoxy?

Spot Clean Fast. If you're in the mechanic industry, fluids dropped from cars should be easily lifted off epoxy with just some Windex and a paper towel. If you notice the spill is kind of filmy and is separating on the floor or has left a residue on your epoxy flooring, Windex is probably your best bet. Best Epoxy Floor Coating

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