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Garage Floor Coating in Michigan

Updated: Feb 23

Garage Floor Coating in Michigan. #1 Epoxy Flooring - One Coat Technologies: Michigan's Premier Garage Floor Coating Manufacturer

#1 Epoxy Flooring - Request Your Free Quote Today

Garage floor coatings in Michigan, as in many other locations, are a popular solution to protect and enhance the durability and appearance of garage floors. These coatings provide several benefits, including:

Sturdy and Long-lasting: Those garage floor coatings can handle the hustle and bustle of heavy vehicles, resist stains from oil and chemicals, and shield your concrete floor from cracks and damage.

Easy to Keep Clean: Cleaning and maintaining them is a breeze, making it simple for you to keep your garage spick and span, free from dust and clutter.

Looks Great: With a variety of colors and finishes, you can choose a style that suits your garage's vibe, giving it a nice aesthetic boost.

Safer Space: Some coatings even come with anti-slip features, ensuring safety in your garage, especially during wet or icy weather.

When considering garage floor coating options in Michigan or any other location, you can typically choose from different types of coatings, including:

Epoxy Coatings: Epoxy is a popular choice for garage floors due to its durability and resistance to chemicals and stains. It provides a glossy finish and is available in various colors.

Polyurethane Coatings: These coatings are great because they're flexible and tough against wear and tear. People often use them with epoxy to give things an extra layer of protection.

Polyaspartic Coatings: Polyaspartic coatings are similar to epoxy but cure more quickly, making them a good option if you need a fast turnaround time for your garage floor project.

Acid Stains and Decorative Coatings: These coatings are used to create decorative patterns, colors, and textures on garage floors. They can give your garage a unique and attractive look.

To find a reliable garage floor coating service in Michigan, you can start by researching local contractors or companies that specialize in this service. Reading reviews, checking references, and requesting quotes from multiple providers can help you choose the right one for your needs.

One Coat Technologies: Michigan's Premier Garage Floor Coating Manufacturer



Company Name

One Coat Technologies


Georgetown, Michigan

Years in Business

30+ years (founded in 1991)


High-performance, resinous epoxies for: Residential and industrial garage floors Basements Patios Driveways Sidewalks Steps * Other concrete surfaces


Manufacturing of garage floor coatings Installation of garage floor coatings (in select areas) * Technical support and consultation

Key Features

Durable and long-lasting coatings (guaranteed for up to 15 years) Wide variety of colors and design options Slip-resistant and stain-resistant finishes Easy to clean and maintain * UV-stable and chemical-resistant

Contact Information

Transform Your Garage with One Coat Technologies: Michigan's Top Choice for Durable, Stunning Floor Coatings. Situated in the heart of Michigan, One Coat Technologies has earned its spot as the go-to for homeowners and businesses alike. With a steadfast dedication to quality and innovation, their coatings not only redefine aesthetics but also offer unmatched durability. Elevate your garage with style and substance – choose One Coat Technologies for excellence in Michigan garage aesthetics.

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